Building Web Servers in Go

When I first set out to build Gophish 5 years ago, I used it as an opportunity to learn Golang. In this post, we'll use some of the lessons learned in this process, exploring how to build complex web servers from scratch using the powerful features of Go. »

Author image Jordan Wright

Handling Database Migrations in Go

“I got my database schema correct on the first try.” -No one ever. Like most big projects, gophish needed a way to automatically manage changes to our database schema. As new features were being added, we found ourselves in a situation that required us to add or modify columns and tables to store the new data. In a hosted environment, this is no problem since we control the database and can make schema changes as we see fit. »

Announcing gophish v0.1.1

Tl;dr - Download the release here The wait is over! The gophish team is excited to announce our first public beta version of gophish - version 0.1.1! This blog post will be a short introduction into what gophish is, as well as some of the insanely awesome features we’ve created. What is Gophish? Gophish is a phishing framework that makes the simulation of real-world phishing attacks dead-simple. The idea behind gophish is simple – make industry-grade phishing training available to everyone. »

Introducing gophish

Hello World! This is the official blog for gophish, a phishing toolkit designed to make rock-solid security awareness training accessible to everyone. Check back here often to find information on gophish updates, how to leverage gophish in interesting ways to test the security of your organization, as well as general tips and tricks on securing your email infrastructure. The gophish team is excited to release the alpha version of gophish soon! »